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Commercial Chain Link Fence Toronto

Part of owning a business is ensuring the security of your clients, employees, and building with a heavy-duty fence. Not only does it adds security, but adds appeal as well. 

You may be bombarded with many different fencing options available these days. If you’re after attractive designs, low maintenance, cost-effective, and sturdy fence, commercial chain link fence might be what you’re looking for. 

Chain link fencingIndoor Chain Link Fence

Is an all-purpose standard in giving optimal security at an affordable price point. It is the most common type of fence utilized in the residential, industrial, and commercial markets. It provides an ideal solution for areas including high-security facilities, landfill and dumpsters areas, construction areas, outdoor storage facilities, and more. 

Other uses for commercial chain link fencing are batting cages, backstops, cantilever slide gates, steel single swing or double swing gates, and fencing applications in which the height could be twenty feet or more. The average heights are 6, 7, 8, 10, & 12 feet. The fence is available in various colors like brown, black, and green vinyl coated.  

Types Of Chain Link Fences for Commercial Use 

The good news is that you don’t need to settle for a single design for your commercial fence. Developments in technology made it highly possible to craft modern and elegant designs to suit any building designs. You can refer to these types of chain link fences for your business: 

  • Color-coated.

    Contractors provide different color coating options for new commercial chain link fences, such as combining rubberized PVC coatings into the zinc finish. Your choice of color depends upon your personal preference and the location of your fence. For example, organic and natural colors like browns and greens are suitable for backyards since they perfectly blend in any background. The color coating prevents rusting and provides the fence a smooth finish. 

  • Metallic-coated.

    Often, wire chain link fences are coated with zinc to help protect it against metal oxidation. You already know that oxidation causes rust to the fence. One of the most economical and effective fencing options is the traditional metallic-coated chain link fence — a popular choice in urban and suburban settings. 

  • Mesh Netting.

    Or mesh. is another popular option for many business owners. Thinner fences tend to be quite inexpensive compared to thicker fences. The mesh diameter and thickness vary. Heavier, bigger options are available for construction-grade fencing. 

  • Slatted.


    This type of chain link fence provides more privacy since it closes off way more space than conventional chain link fences. Slats also come in different colors but are commonly seen in the traditional brown, black, or green. 

Make Safety An Utmost Priority Security Chain Link Fence Industrial

When it comes to protecting your business compound, installing a high-quality fence might be the thing you need. It will surround your property, which makes it hard for intruders to have access. 

Keeping out unwanted animals is probably one common reason why you want to invest in commercial chain link fences. They come in various heights. You will have to check the local ordains first to know how high your fence is permitted. Most companies install up to 12 or 14 feet. 

Wood fencing is ideal in terms of aesthetic appeal, but a chain link fence is much more recommended when you are concerned about the maximum security of your property. There are designs you can opt for so intruders won’t be able to climb, like a straighter pattern. You can add safety features (e.g., barbed wire) for further protection. 

Privacy Is Completely Guaranteed Privacy Chain Link Fence Toronto

You may have valuable items outside you don’t want others to touch or see. But regardless of the reason, a solid commercial chain link fence can achieve this with ease. You can add privacy to your link fence if you want, though that will depend on what you want the final output to look like or on your financial status. 

For instance, decorative thread slats through your fence mesh either horizontally, diagonally, one vertically. These are tubular pieces of plastic or metal that come in varying colors. You can get creative with the designs. 

Another is the evergreen fillers. These are PVC needles that are woven through the fence, giving a hedge look. They differentiate your fence as one with creeping vines or as a tall bush. Install them vertically to generate a realistic look.

The choices are endless. It is best to discuss them with your contractor, so you will know what you’re looking for a chain link fence. 

Can Also Be Beneficial for Advertising Purposes 

Unlike other types of fences, chain link fences allow business owners to post signs close to the street or other passersby. You can include the name of your company, office hours, or anything you prefer. This helps increase visibility especially if your building is far from the public eyes. 

Reduce Your Liability 

Owning a commercial property also means taking on a big responsibility. Any accidents that will occur on your premises will be considered your fault, so do everything you can to make your property as safe and secured as possible. 

An excellent commercial chain link fence defines your liability since it prevents people or items from invading your workplace. 

Curb Appeal Is Another Benefit School Black Chain Link Fence

While security and privacy are the major reasons why you’ll choose to have a chain link fence installed, making your company stand out from the rest is another benefit. There are plenty of commercial chain link fence options that will surely highlight your property while keeping it completely safe. 

Admit it. Appearance allows you to drive in more clients. After all, no one wants to work with a company with a disorganized and unprofessional-looking premise. Chain link fences provide security and curb appeal that you want for a sturdy fence. 

Choose The Right Company 

So, you’ve decided to invest in a commercial chain link fence, what now? It is not a simple investment so you should take essential things in mind. 

Be wary of their work proposal. It must cover the type of material, footage requirements, and gates. Also, don’t forget to take a look at their previous projects. Doing so will give you additional insight into the work quality of your potential company. 



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