Wing Privacy Fence Slats

Wing Privacy Fence Slats

Wing Privacy Fence Slats

Toronto - Wing Privacy Fence Slats

Wing Privacy Fence SlatsWing Privacy Fence Slats

When you need more privacy and security, winged privacy slat is the right answer. Flexible serrated wings on both sides of the slats provides approximately 90% privacy and wind load. The double-wall construction and wings design make it self-locking without channels at the bottom or top.

Chain link fence wing slats

are used for the fabric with 2 inches mesh opening and wire gauge 9 & 11. For larger mesh opening, 2-3/8 in. for example, their fabric is made from 11-1/2 or 12 gauge wire. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire. Hence, the fabric is not strong enough to hold the wing slats and a strong wind may blow the fence over.
NOTE: The actual slat height is 3-1/2″ shorter than nominal height.

Product description:

  • Item: wing privacy slat.
  • Material: UV stabilized HDPE or PVC.
  • Mesh opening: 2 in.
  • Wire gauge: 9 & 11.
  • Height: 4′, 5′, 6′ and 8′.
  • Privacy factor: approx 90%.
  • Color: green, black, white, brown, redwood. Custom colors are available.

Features & benefits:Wing Privacy Fence Slats

  • Approximately 90% privacy.
  • Available in green, black, light blue, grown, tan, white and gray.
  • UV stabilized HDPE to resist UV rays.
  • Self-locking privacy slat.
  • Double wall with flexible serrated wings for more privacy.

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