Residential Chain Link Fence Toronto

Application : Residential Chain Link Fence Toronto

Residential Chain Link Fence Toronto

So, looking for an ideal way to enfold small kids and pets in a yard while keeping out unwelcome creatures? You may be talking about residential chain link fence! What are the residential design options available and how it can help you achieve the maximum level of security?

When it comes to comfort, safety, and security, a good fence is highly recommended. It might cost you some bucks today, but the benefits you can gain are notable. Do you own pups or cats who tend to roam around your yard? Or, are your cute little munchkins love spending most of their time playing outdoors? Residential chain link fence is a must.

Why go for chain link fence?Residential Fence Gate


Chain link fencing offers exceptional protection and security in recreational, commercial, industrial, and residential fencing applications. It is generally a popular choice for a durable, strong, and affordable way to keep your home and your family safe. It offers excellent security and requires minimal maintenance.

Hence, specifically suitable for people with a limited budget but don’t want to compromise their privacy and protection. It doesn’t block views of the surroundings as well. It is designed and installed to serve you for years. Also available in many different heights, colors, and mesh fabric gauges to help match your project type and budget.

Types of Residential Chain Link Fence

Each type of chain link fence for homeowners provides long-term security for families and homes.

  • Color-coatedGreen Chain Link Fence Wire Gauge

    Formed when a colored material layer is used to a chain link fence. Coatings must be ultraviolet stable and are made of either colored polymers or vinyl. Among the color choices are brown, black, and green. Color-coated fences prevent rusts, have a smoother finish, and perfectly blend in the surroundings.

  • Metallic-coated

    – the traditional building blocks for chain link fencing. Sensible, strong, and the cheapest material option out there. Metallically coated fences prevent rust, last longer, and are available in several metallic coatings like galvanized and aluminized.

Design Options

New technologies have integrated to provide you with more choices. Want a more stylish fence? How about a modern design with a bit touch of traditional look? The possibilities are vast!

Post and chain link fabric

Is one of the sought-after design options. It can be color coated or metallic coated. Wood posts and top rails give a different and unique style from the conventional chain link image. Tubing comes with newer square styles and traditional round posts. Each contributes to the fence’s beauty.

balance value

If you want to balance value, aesthetic, and economy, you’ll never go wrong going to the composite fence. Wood, vinyl, or ornamental fencing is recommended for a yard facing the public street, while you should try the combination of effectiveness, economy, and durability for a fence in the backyard as it better protects children and control pets.

Yes, there is also an estate fence. It is gorgeously designed through various styles and colors as well as often made of square posts and color coated, black fence materials. There are also accessories offered by manufacturers to complement your residential chain link fence. These include:

  • Privacy slats to screen unsightly surroundings or offer privacy from neighbors
  • Balls, post caps, and finials to improve fence posts and build a more elegant fence suitable to any neighborhood; and
  • Walk or drive through gates to add lasting beauty to your home and fence

Residential Chain Link Fence Rises Above Other Types of Fence

Contrary to some beliefs, a chain link fence is not only installed around factories and commercial buildings. Purchasing a coated steel wire or galvanized fence provides some perks for homeowners too.

What are these benefits we are talking about?School Black Chain Link Fence

  • Long-term durability:

    With regular maintenance and care, residential chain link fences could last up to twenty years (especially vinyl coated or galvanized styles). Mainly because they are very sturdy and tough to damage, you can expect it to be extra long-lasting and durable if the gauge in your fencing material is thicker than usual.

  • Low cost:

    Although low in price, have an assurance that you will get the most out of your hard-earned dollars. It might only cost you about $7/square root. Labor is excluded, so you have to save additional money for that. But overall, a pocket-friendly option you can have.

  • Ensure security and safety:

    Chain link fence is also an ideal addition to a house with a backyard playground. So, you no longer have to worry about children wandering around and enjoying their play as long as you have a solid fence installed around.

  • Easy to install:

    Sure you can implement a DIY job providing you have the tools and expertise needed to complete the job. But if you’re not entirely confident to tackle it on your own, there’s no harm in asking the professional’s help.

  • Low maintenance:

    When the residential chain link fence is installed, it doesn’t necessarily need to be painted, sealed, or treated to keep the materials safe from various harsh elements. You can enjoy it having around your property for many years.

  • Distinguish your property:

    Nearly all of us want our house to stand out among others, right? If that’s the case, you’ll never go wrong with residential chain link fence. It can distinguish your property from others in the area if it’s located in a populated place.

Chain link is the residential fencing you essentially need!

Want to install a fence to make your landscape a much safer place for your pets and kids to be in? Are you looking for a premium quality residential fence to increase the curb appeal of your home without breaking the bank? Regardless of the case, chain link fencing could prove to be an ideal solution for your residential property.

Attractive, durable, easy to install, low maintenance, and budget-friendly, no wonder it is one of the most popular fencing options in the market. If you have already decided to install it around your home, be sure that you’re dealing with the right professionals. Check out their website and ask to see a portfolio of previous work.



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