Commercial Chain Fence Post

Commercial Chain fence post

Commercial Chain Fence Post

Toronto - Commercial Chain Fence Post

Commercial Chain Fence Post

 is an economical and effective method of securing property or other sensitive areas from theft, vandalism and other destructive activities. Compared with residential chain link fence, it has stronger fabric as well as frame including line posts and terminal posts – corner posts, end posts and gate posts. All the dimensions are in accordance with ASTM standards.

Commercial Chain Fence Post has a very wide applications ranging from tennis and baseball field to factory, from government to prison, from industry to swimming pool. Their posts can be selected from the table below.

Black commercial corner post.
CLFP-01: Terminal corner post.
Galvanized line post with barb wire arm.
CLFP-02: Line post.
Table – 1 Commercial Chain Link Fence Post Specification

Schedule 40 Commercial Chain Fence Post

Item No.UsesTrade Size O.D. (in.)Outside Diameter (in.)Wall Thickness (in.)Weight (lb/ft.)
CFP401Line post1 7/81.900.1452.72
CFP402Line post & terminal post2 3/82.3750.1543.65
CFP403Line post & terminal post2 7/82.8750.2035.80
CFP404Line post & terminal post3 1/23.500.2167.58
CFP405Line post & terminal post4 1/24.500.23710.8
CFP406Line post & terminal post5 9/165.5630.25814.63
CFP407Line post & terminal post6 5/86.6250.2818.99
CFP408Terminal post8 5/88.6250.32228.58

Schedule 80 Commercial Chain Fence Post


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