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GAW Chain Link Fence Fabric

GAW Chain Link Fence Fabric

GAW or Galvanized After Weaving chain link fence 

Green color-coated chain link fence is another popular perimeter fence for the green color is suitable for most surroundings. Vinyl-coating to zinc-coated steel wire adds an extra protective layer compared with typical galvanized chain fence. It has much better performance in resisting various kinds of corrosion from rain, weathers and other surroundings. What is more, green chain link fence shows better outlook than silver galvanized chain-link. It has been a decorative element for your yard, house or commercial places. There are a lot of innovative ideals in adding attractiveness to chain link fence, like growing veggies up the fence.

Green polymer-coated chain-link fabric is available in multiple types of wire gauge, sizes of mesh and heights for different applications including yard fence, commercial fencing, security fencing, sport tennis fencing, etc.

Product description:

  • Item: green chain link fence fabric.
  • Material: vinyl-coated to zinc-coated steel wire.
  • Wire gauge: 6, 9, 11 & 11-1/2 gauge.
  • Size of mesh: 2-1/8, 2, 1-3/4, 1-1/4, 1, 1/2, 5/8 & 3/8 in.
  • Selvage: knuckle or twisted.
  • Height: 36, 42, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 120 and 144 in.
  • Length/roll: 50 ft or as required.
  • Standards: meets or exceeds ASTM specifications.
  • Typical applications: residential, commercial, highway, tennis, baseball field, art gallery, lookout, substation, helipad, etc.

NOTE: Custom specification is available on order.

GAW Chain Link Fence Fabric
GAW Chain Link Fence Fabric

Features & benefits:

  • More cost-effective than other counterparts.
  • Various grades for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Zinc-coating for rust-free.
  • Easy installation and free-maintenance.
  • 15 years of warranty.
  • Meets ASTM A392 and other related ASTM specifications.
Features & benefits: More cost-effective than other counterparts. Various grades for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Zinc-coating for rust-free. Easy installation and free-maintenance. 15 years of warranty. Meets ASTM A392 and other related ASTM specifications.
GAW Chain Link Fence Fabric
GAW Chain Link Fence Fabric
Security Chain Link Fence Torontosecurity chain link fence is highly recommended for many residential and commercial properties due to its tested and proven strength and durability. It is resistant to corrosion, enabling it to last for a more extended period. Furthermore, it can perform its essential functions without costly maintenance. Nowadays, it has become a versatile product with a wide array of uses, offering great value for money. Chain Link Fence Functionality A security chain link fence is best to use to set a boundary on your entire facility. It can help you keep strangers away from your property. It is typically found in military bases, which aids in screening unauthorized entries into that enclosed area. Furthermore, it is also useful to support authorized people in their surveillance and detection of burglars who are trying to invade their privacy. Together with the help of CCTV and other kinds of detection devices, the security chain link can provide a zone or limit that can control a theft which is trying to enter the property. It is also helpful when you want to build a barrier to deter an intruder and at the same time, express his intention to gain entry into that area. In that way, you will receive a signal if an action must be taken. It causes a delay for him to obtain access, allowing you to prepare for your next moves. With the security chain link fence, you can reduce the number of security guards who need to guard each post, allowing them to focus on more critical areas of the property. Therefore, it a cost-effective way of increasing security on facilities. As a business owner or homeowner, you have a lot of problems that can keep you awake at night. Therefore, a security chain link fence plays a significant role in protecting your property from burglars. You are not present all the time to keep an eye to it. There are many things that you should prioritize in your life. But by having a reliable and durable fencing solution, securing your property doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. The chain link fence can be installed as high as 20 feet to prevent anyone from entering your property. Whether you have a business that you need to protect or home to secure your family, a chain link can make it impossible for the intruder to access the facility and harm you. You can also keep the animals from ruining your property. Features to Consider When Installing A Chain Link Fence for Security Purposes The durability and functionality of the chain link fence can also be enhanced using some materials with proven reliability as well. They are crucial to consider on your fencing project if you want to obtain your goals in protecting either your property, family, or pets. The security chain link fence can perform well if you check the following materials and incorporate them on your security goals. Determine the size of the property and know how high you would want the chain link fence to stand. It is essential to take note that the higher is the material, the more difficult it is to broach. Take note that adding a barbed wire of about three to six strands to the fence also increases the chance of keeping the area secure. If you choose the 45-degree arm, it is crucial to angle the arm out of the facility. It will also be difficult for the intruder to enter the facility when you add a stainless-steel barbed tape at the top of the fence. Other tools to use are screw or security head, bolt or peen, boulevard clamps, bands, rivet barbed wire arms, and hinges for a gate post. These materials are useful to increase the level of security as your goal. Burying at least 12-inch chain link fabric will reduce the intruder to force the mesh up. If you want to put the fence on high-grass or wooded areas, it is recommended to clear the zone of both ends of the fence to help in surveillance. A peen all bolt is also vital to secure the bolt nut. Also, a bottom rail added in the center of the two-line post can also help in your goal. Select one with 3/8 inches diameter eye hook fixed into a stable footing. This design will prevent the intruder from pushing the mesh upwards so that he can crawl under the fence. Other additional features that you can install to ensure the maximum security level are lighting and sensor system. Both types of equipment increase visibility and monitoring. The durability of the chain link fence is another thing that can improve its functionality. You may choose a galvanized material which is coated with zinc. This wire made of steel is typically used in government facilities and commercial properties due to its maximum durability. An aluminized material is also a great option which delivers reliability. It is made of a steel core coated with aluminum to make the wire resistant to corrosion and rust and lengthen the life span of the fence. Most commercial properties also use a vinyl-coated fence because it doesn’t only promise security, but enhances the appearance and aesthetics of the area as well. This option is also known for its durability, making it an economical choice. You can choose from different color systems like black, brown, and green. You may also use custom colors to match your preference. On top of these features, it is also essential to consider the kinds of the materials as well as how they are installed. They should meet the correct specification to obtain the goals of securing the area. The fixed chain link fence must be inspected before you can declare that it complies with the standards. Because a security chain link fence is easy to repair, durable, and resistant to inclement weather, it has been a necessity to many properties that you want to protect. Also, it doesn’t require costly maintenance for it to function correctly. It fits your budget and needs simply and straightorwardly.

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